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          Tel: 0512-57880688
          Kunshan Venjong Automotive Co., Ltd. HOME PRODUCTSOEM Balance Weights

          OEM Balance Weights

          • Steel Balance Weights
          • Steel Balance Weights

            mainly used in Geely, Changan, Great Wall, BYD, Wuling and other independent brand automobile factories, involving 350 series, 355 series, 397 series, TSG series, P-steel hooks and other series of products. MORE INFORMATION ...

            2019-10-18 21:20
          • Truck Weights
          • Truck Weights

            For the characteristics of truck rims, we have developed various balance weights for truck rims, including HPW164, HPW525, HPW527, HPW529, HPW530, HPW550, HPW551 and other products. MORE INFORMATION ...

            2019-10-17 17:16

          Kunshan Venjong Automotive Co. , Ltd. Technical support:FEVTE

          Working hours: weekdays Monday to Friday  9:00-17:00Business negotiation:0512-57880688